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Man donates steam roller to city to help fix pot holes

Posted at 9:48 PM, Jul 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-19 10:56:24-04

MARLIN, TX — A random act of kindness has apparently set off a chain reaction in a Central Texas town where many had lost hope.

In it's day, the city of Marlin had lots to offer, fine hotels, major league baseball, but in recent times, the town started to decline. Now, people in the town seem to have a new attitude, and it started with the simple act of one man.

Harry Kenny has a pothole at the end of his front walk. His street doesn't get that much traffic but it started to crumble years ago, anyway. "This street was topped about 15 to 20 years ago and like most of the Marlin streets has not had any maintenance," he explained.

So this former Marlin Mayor decided to do something about it. He went to see the new city manager and the mayor, who happened to have a need for a street roller.

"Hey it'd be nice if you could help us get one of these. He said, well I'll tell you what, you find one you really like, that's worth something and I'll write a check," recalled city manager Cedric Davis Sr.

And so, thanks to Kenny's donation, Marlin now has a functional, slightly used, roller, to help in a huge program to rebuild the town's crumbling streets.

”How key is this to the program? Its a big key it's a good step. We still need more equipment but we're looking at getting that in the near future," said Public Works Supervisor Scott Fornash.

Already the roller has turned bumpy dirt streets into smooth-riding road.

City leaders caution, this huge project will take time, but they intend to see to every street in the city.

Davis says it'll take about a year to get the majority of the streets the repairs they need. Then the city can begin to talk road improvements.

In the meantime, something else happened. Word got out about Kenny's gift to the city, and people took notice.

”After that, people started giving. Some of the businesses like the lumber yard, the hardware store and citizens I'm happy they're giving and the kindheartedness hasn't stopped," said Davis.

Now, neighbors help neighbors as people donate their time their heavy equipment and their cash, to the greater good.. in a refreshing atmosphere of positivity.

So why did Kenny do it? "I was motivated because I said If I do this, maybe somebody else will do something," he said.

And they certainly have. A random act of kindness apparently set off a chain reaction in Marlin, one that's given new hope to a town seemingly short on it.