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Troy store reopens after I-35 construction halted business

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 20:17:09-04

TROY, TX — The Texas Trading Post with a Little Kountry Bling closed its doors years ago after construction on the I-35 corridor brought business to a screeching halt. Now, the business is back open!


The owner, Patricia Fisher, said she and her late husband picked the spot because of the high traffic area, but years of construction brought big problems.

"When my late husband was alive we used to drive by here. We shopped here a few times," said Fisher, "My husband and I always wanted to own a little country store."

It was a dream that Fisher saw through. She opened The Texas Trading Post with a Little Kountry Bling. After the first year, the troubles began.

"Then it started slowing down. Then they started road construction and it really slowed down," explained Fisher, "I had to let my girls go because they were working for me."

With road construction along the I-35 corridor continuing, Fisher had to make tough decisions.

"The last year it was open I just came in here and turned lights on and stayed in business to make sure I could do it. Then finally, I just had to let it go," said Fisher.

But she didn't give up. "Oh I argued with TxDOT from the time road construction started. I wasn't getting anywhere," explained Fisher.


"They said that if the previous owner had kept the business he probably could have got compensated because he had already been in business for awhile, and since I hadn't had the business in my name for three years, I wasn't able to get compensated for having to shut my business down," said Fisher.

Central Texas News Now reached out to TxDOT. They said there is no law or provision that allows for compensation.

Fisher buckled down and waited to open again, and while the past three years have been difficult, she said she is ready to face any challenge. "And if you keep pushing you can end up coming back in like I did," said Fisher.

Fisher says there is a bright future for this business because she never gave up on her dream.