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Town of Jarrell left rebuilding after Monday tornado

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 19:40:25-04

WACO, TX — The sun rose Tuesday morning and the devastation is clear in Jarrell.

It's all about picking up the pieces and the community is doing it together.

In the small Texas town of Jarrell, everyone knows everyone — living side by side for a while. It was a quiet town until Monday night when a tornado ripped through the area.

James Wills walked down his street in disbelief.

"Here you can see the backside of my neighbor's house it lifted up and put it back down as the tornado started," Wills said.

A community almost unrecognizable in some areas. But for people like Deanna Morrison, this isn't her first time going through this.

Almost 25 years ago to the day on May 27, 1997, an EF5 tornado flattened this small Texas town leaving 27 dead and the community with a scar.

Leaving people to think devastation couldn't strike twice.

This small town is standing together side by side.