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Tow truck companies struggle to keep up during icy weather

Posted at 7:42 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 20:42:02-05

As this extreme weather continues, so does the number of wrecks happening across Central Texas.

In a typical week, Big Boy Wrecker Service tow company could answer between 50 and 80 vehicle pickup requests. Now, in just four days, Big Boys Wrecker Service has answered 68 calls and counting.

Over the weekend, Big Boys Wrecker Service answered a record breaking number of calls for wrecks and vehicles trapped in snow and ice.

“We’re getting calls because they are calling other tow companies because other tow companies can't help them, but we can't help them either. All of our guys have been busy,” said Big Boys Wrecker Service Dispatcher Alicia Holder.

The number of drivers on the roads has decreased, but tow companies are still recovering from the weekend. Soon, they will only be able to answer to emergency calls.

“The guys can't find fuel for their trucks," said Holder. "So we are going to have to keep them here at the office to where if any of the police departments or DPS or sheriff’s departments calls us, we can answer their calls.”

With another ice storm on it's way late Tuesday, the calls are only expected to increase.

“The low profile cars aren’t making it through this unless they have all wheel drive. So unless you have it too, I wouldn't go," said Holder.

“With the precipitation coming in tonight with the snow and sleet, that is going to refreeze and we will be back to square one as far as the bad bad road conditions we saw on Monday. So that's the big concern right there,” said Waco Police Department Public Information Officer Garen Bynum.

As far as local police, the Waco PD is continuing to respond to all emergencies and help in every way possible.

“I want people to know that. We are fully staffed," said Officer Bynum. "Our dispatch center is fully staffed and we are answering every call that we are being dispatched to.”

Local tow companies and Officer Bynum wanted to remind people to stay home, but if you do have to drive and you see lights, move over and slow down safely.