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The Census means more than just a number in Central Texas

Posted at 6:05 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 19:58:33-04

This year marks the 24th census in our country's history. It takes place every ten years, and 2020 is the first time you can do it online.

“You can complete on your cell phone. You can complete while your in line at McDonalds, or you can complete in line while your waiting to pick up your groceries. So its really awesome you can complete it online, and it just so happens it comes at a time where we really need too,” said Allison Kay.

How? Check out your mail piece that your received from the census, and go to this link. It takes about 5 minutes to complete.

“Over 95% of individuals in McLennan County have access to a smart phone. So let's be proactive. We have more time at home because of the shelter in place so why not just take five minutes to complete this questionnaire that is literally nine questions,” said Hector Sabido.

The census is vital. It helps local governments pinpoint the number of people for better access to healthcare, public safety, education and transportation.

“Effects things like our representation in Congress, our representation in the state legislature, and funding that we get from government agencies so that we get. It effects so many things that the city and county governments provide to their citizens,” said Kyle Deaver.

What people don’t know is that not responding to the census could have long term negative effects both for the local government, and in 2020 - the health of public workers.

“We lose approximately f$15,000 over the next ten years per person, not per household, but per person. So even if one percent of the population do not fill out the Census we have the chance to lose over $20 million over the next ten years that would go toward necessities," said Hector Sabido.

Due to COVID-19, the national survey has been extended until Aug. 14, so folks have a little extra time, but door knocking and phone calls will begin on May 7.

“If you don’t, then you're going to have people coming to your house to follow up to see what the answers would be to the census, and especially during this time of COVID-19, it's really important that we limit person to person contact,” said Kyle Deaver.

If you did not receive a document in the mail, or if you would like to fill out the census online, you can go to