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Texas is one step closer to permanent alcohol to-go sales

Posted at 5:49 PM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 19:57:43-04

WACO, TX — When the pandemic began, alcohol to-go sales were given a very warm welcome by businesses and customers.

Customers could have their favorite drink at home, and businesses could still make a profit at the time of complete shutdowns.

Now that Texas is back to 100%, talks of a permanent alcohol to-go system have been given initial approval by the Texas House.

House Bill 1024 was signed off by the chamber Wednesday, however the House must officially vote before the bill is sent to the Senate.

Although a decision hasn't been made, restaurants are thinking this will be something on their menus full-time.

"There's a lot of profit in alcohol, and at that time, any sales you could ask for was helping," said Kevin Chirafis, Managing Partner for George's.

Chirafis says when they were doing only curbside meals, customers would order as many as six to-go alcoholic beverages.

Now as months have passed, Chirafis is ready to permanently offer alcohol to-go.

"We already have it down pat as to how we do it, so the more the merrier. If they want to keep it open, we'd be all in favor for it," he said.

Bare Arms Brewery owner Kevin Yackley says without to-go sales, his business would not be here today.

"It allowed us to pay our people and keep our staff employed during the pandemic last year," Yackley said. "We wouldn't be open at all without those sales last year."

As a brewery, Yackley has always been able to offer alcohol to-go, selling his beer in cans and growlers. With more restaurants able to have that option, it, in return, gives Bare Arms Brewery more business.

"Those companies are our customers, so they'll be able to buy keg beer rather than other forms like cans and such, and they can resale that as well to-go," Yackley said.

Both Yackley and Chirafis say sales have dipped in alcohol to-go as Texas has reopened to 100%. Even though there aren't as many sales, they say customers will still buy if it's an option.