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Texas holding tax-free weekend for emergency preparation supplies

Posted at 11:13 PM, Apr 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-16 01:34:49-04

Local shoppers normally look to buy TVs, sound systems and other items during the tax-free weekend, but this upcoming tax holiday is to help Texans stock up on the emergency supplies.

“It’s good to have water, batteries and generators,” said Bell County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Harmon.

“The solar-powered lanterns are actually pretty cool nowadays because they come with a USB port to charge your phone,” said Killeen Emergency Management Coordinator Peter Perez.

State officials created the second tax holiday to help get Texans prepared.

There’s no telling when a natural disaster will strike, but after going through the winter storm in February, experts say it’s better to prepare now than struggle later.

“We’re coming upon hurricane season, especially along the coast. They’re gonna start having the high winds, rain. Here in Central Texas, we normally get some good thunderstorms,” said Perez

“It’s just important to be prepared for health emergencies like COVID or event like a tornado,” said Harmon.

Central Texas sees a lot of evacuees come into the area during major events, like hurricanes, so it's important to have a healthy supply of ice chests, first aid kits and more in case stores become overcrowded.

Even though the tax-free event is only for one weekend, experts say it’s a good idea to make a habit of buying emergency items throughout the year.

“Nobody has enough money to go out and buy all the water, generators and emergency supplies all in one outing. If you spread it out across the year, it’s not as substantial,” said Perez.

The tax-free weekend will be honored April 24 through April 26. Only certain emergency supplies will receive the tax credit. The savings will be included on items purchased online, over the phone and in-store.

To view the full list of qualifying items, click here.