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Texas high-speed train facing roadblocks

Posted at 10:00 PM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 23:00:20-05

Officials with Texas Central are trying to gain support for a new high-speed train that would travel from Houston to North Texas in 90 minutes.

"This would be all custom-built for Texas and tailored for operations here," said Holly Reed with Texas Central.

But there are roadblocks along the train's 240 mile corridor.

Residents like Annitta Dobbs, who 25 News spoke to back in 2017, said she doesn't see any benefit to sell her property, which the proposed train would run through.

The train company is offering enticing incentives, making generous offers to property owners, and offering to pay taxes to every county and school district that's impacted by the project.

Train officials said the high-speed rail will help Texas by eliminating traffic congestion, but people who rely on that traffic for income are now concerned.

"You're taking the life blood away from those cities. Economic development will dry up. The town will probably dry up," said Leon County Judge Byron Ryder.

If Texas Central can't come to an agreement with property owners, it will have to go through the court process.

Texas Central said it's still waiting on two federal approvals before it can move forward.