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Central Texas company benefits from diversity plan

Posted at 5:58 PM, Mar 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 11:38:36-05

WACO, TX — We've heard a lot more about diversity and inclusion over the last several years as companies work to shake off old attitudes and build teams that work.

Eddie Sims probably knows more about the place he works at than anybody else.

After all, his father also worked at Hobbs Bonded Fibers.

He calls Hobbs a better place to work at after it began to value employees for backgrounds and life experience which make them better able to solve.

”Our gamut of employees ranges from people right out of school 18-19 range to people nearing retirement 65-66. So, imagine that workforce. Plus, different races, religions, sex, all of those different things, all of that gamut,” said Clint Weaver, VP of Human Resources.

These days at Hobbs, your future matters more than your past.

"I recently was released from prison, and I had a friend that worked here. And so she helped me come about in the company and the job," said Victoria DeLeon, who since joining Hobbs about 4 years ago even earned promotions that might never have come her way before.

The point, according to managers, is diversity means more than skin color or ethnic background.

Diversity also comes in life experience, where you’ve lived and even hardships you’ve faced.

They say diversity means all of us. Why? One reason, is it's good for business.

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