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Temple police arrest Lake Belton HS student for injuring staff member

Posted at 3:56 PM, Feb 08, 2024

LAKE BELTON, Texas — A 14-year-old Lake Belton High School student has been arrested after police said he injured a school staffer on Wednesday.

On February 7th around 4 p.m., Temple police said two students were in an ISS room across from the school resource officer's office when the incident happened.

Police said a school staff member went into the ISS room to escort a student to the restroom.

A student—identified as a juvenile—began to leave the ISS room without permission, police said.

According to the authorities and the staff member, the juvenile and another student were talking about finding another student in the school to fight.

Officials said the juvenile and student were attempting to leave the room to find this other student to fight when the staff member attempted to stop them.

The school resource officer heard the commotion from his office. When he went to investigate, police said he saw both students grappling and wrestling with the staff member.

Police said during the incident, the juvenile grabbed the staff member's arm and hyper-extended it.

The staff member said this caused him pain and he told police he wanted to press charges.

Police took the juvenile into custody and transported him to the detention center in Killeen.

Officials said the other student was referred to school discipline.