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Straight-line winds, hail bring damage to Marlin

Posted at 9:43 PM, May 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 22:43:16-04

MARLIN, TX​ — Straight-line winds and hail brought damage to Marlin Wednesday afternoon.

Every north-facing building in and around the town suffered severe damage. The south side looked normal as can be.

Tyler Jeske worked fast to board up broken windows at his family's auto parts store on Fortune Street.

"Busted all the windows, busted my sun roof, messed up my truck," he explained.

"Every see anything like this?" asked 25 News reporter Dennis Turner.

"No sir," Jeske responded. "Not around here."

"How bad is it around town?" asked Turner.

"It's pretty bad," said Jeske. "Gary over here at the funeral home says he lost about 60 windows."

As soon as you crossed the Brazos River, you could see patches of green along Highway 7, then tree limbs down. Closer to town the damage got worse.

The wind left entire cornfields chest high this morning, snapped off at the stalk. In Marlin, the storm left trees down, many more stripped of their leaves and piles of what looked like snow. On closer inspection, you could see balls of hail, some bigger than a golf ball, in piles as much as a foot high.

"Around town we have downed power lines, downed trees, a lot of shattered windows, a lot of car and vehicle damage," said Marlin City Manger Cedric Davis.

City hall even suffered severe damage to the roof and several windows.

Repair crews boarded up the north-facing windows of the Falls Community Hospital. Staff reportedly had to evacuate the patients because of the damage left.

Streets turned to rivers, and as the wind stripped trees of their leaves, they left them in piles.

As night fell, people prepared for another round of storms, praying this time, they'd get a break.

"Marlinites are coming out to help each other. If you go around town, you'll see neighbors helping neighbors," said Davis.

Because everyone knows they have a big job ahead of them.

"Fixin' windows and hopefully going to get my truck fixed soon," said Jeske.

City leaders say the cleanup here will continue for several days at least.