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Storm repairs underway while Central Texans review lessons learned from recent storms

Groesbeck Storm Damage
Posted at 9:11 PM, Apr 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 23:29:55-04

LIMESTONE COUNTY, TX  — Cleanup continues in Limestone County from last weekend's severe storms.

While many folks repair and rebuild, others take stock of what they've learned about living without power for almost two days.

People in Limestone County are doing just that.

After the storms blew through, Virginia King burned a lot of candles.

"I heard a boom and the lights went out, you know the song, 'The lights went out in Georgia'? Well, the lights went out in Kosse," King said.

The lights were out for 36 hours as she worried about friends and family in need of electricity for food and medical needs.

Up the road in Groesbeck, the storms did some visible damage. Those damages have kept repair crews busy ever since.

"Right now, it's just demo, trying to cover all the holes and the entrances of all the water spilling through. Will we put a new roof on it... most likely," said Omar Ramirez, of Target Restoration Services, who has people working on Groesbeck's Southern Grace Gift Shop.

Almost a week after the storms and tornadoes blew through Central Texas, nearly everyone has a story to tell.

The husband of the woman who owns the Southern Grace Gift Shop says they were in the building when the storm hit, and when the roof came off, it was like someone was tearing the top off of a tin can. Miraculously, the store was not damaged and remains open.

However, repairs in other areas of Limestone County will take a while.

”How long do we think the work will continue? I would say a couple more weeks, maybe," said Ramirez.

Back in Kosse, King kept her flashlights and candles burning and lived off bologna.

She and her friends asked God to send the right electrician to the right circuit.

"We went to each four city limits and we prayed," King said.

And 36 hours after Kosse went dark, the lights came back on.

"What did I learn from this? Be prepared, go buy me a generator, make sure I have extra candles, more bologna on the side. Be prepared," said King.

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