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Social media post from citizen puts judge in online hot seat

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 20:35:54-04

GROESBECK, TX — Social media in Groesbeck started buzzing recently about one man's bad experience in court.​ There's just one problem- it didn't happen the way many people have taken it.​

What started out as a code enforcement case in the Groesbeck Municipal Court has now gone to appeal in the social media court of public opinion, over what a defendant says a judge “meant," but didn't say. ​

Joey Palomin says he wasn't prepared for what he faced in a Groesbeck courtroom.​ He knew he had a code enforcement issue with the City when it came to this debris pile, but didn't know Judge Michelle Nance was fed up with the ongoing problem.​

"She basically told me she was sick of me and "my people," and when I repeated her "my people" she said, "Yes, your family,"" he explained.​

Frustrated, Palomin left the courtroom and wrote a Facebook post calling out Judge Nance for her harsh tone.​

Lots of people took the post to mean the judge called out "dirty Mexicans," something Palomin says he saw in her eyes and felt in her spirit.​ But he admits, she never said it.​

"Well, I've seen a Facebook post from a gentleman in town, a resident, about an alleged interaction he had with a judge, but I've had no official complaint for it," said Groesbeck City Manager Chris Henson.​

So the City plans for now, to take no action, at all, except when it comes to Palomin, who could face fines for leaving this pile of trash sitting out.​

"The problem with this place has gone one for, from my understanding, it's been couple of years," said Henson.​

"We haven't really had a chance to finish the project. We have more stuff we've got to add. We have to knock down some stuff down," explained Palomin.​

Without a complaint, the City says it can't do anything.

"I have no authority to act without that complaint," said Henson.​

Since the judge never said what Palomin wants to complain about, there's not much anybody can do.​

"I was just venting. I wasn't expecting all this. I don't want to stir up the dust or anything so... I was just venting to myself," said Palomin.​

No one’s filed an official complaint with the City, which brings it back to the social media court of public opinion.