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Shepherd's Heart Hoping to Take Service to Bigger Facility

Posted at 9:30 AM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 10:30:03-05

WACO, TX — With the growing need for nutritious meals and meal deliveries in the community, Shepherd’s Heart is serving and outgrowing its facility.

According to the Shepherd’s Heart website, “The poverty rate in our area (Waco) is twice the national average, more specifically there are over 40,000 people affected by ‘food insecurity’ in our community.”

Shepherd’s Heart helps feed families in need by sending out deliveries throughout the week and opening its facility to the public for a food pantry on Thursdays.

“Every Thursday," Robert says, "we’ll have a line that wraps around the building. Every Thursday we’re going to have somewhere between 500-600, and sometimes it’s even more than 600 families between noon and 6 p.m.”

Shepherd’s Heart Executive director Robert Gager identified a need among seniors, when an elderly woman walked to the food pantry from her home. He knew he needed to deliver to seniors. For seniors who can’t drive, grocery deliveries from the pantry are especially meaningful.

One of the recipients, Sylvia Williams, says “It helps a lot, because I don’t drive anymore and so, if I go anywhere. I depend on somebody else to take me.”

The free meals help in budgeting as well especially for seniors, like Williams, who rely on food stamps and less than $1000 per month for bills, food and medical needs.

Along with the deliveries, the food pantry, Shepherds Heart Empowerment classes and their holiday events are changing lives of people and families in the community – bringing in a lot of people and food.
“In previous years we’ve handled 2-millions pounds of food and we don’t have a dock it comes in through our front door and out through our front door.”

Shepherd’s Heart’s food is either delivered from the building to over 700 seniors, sent to aid other organizations or given to visitors at its weekly food pantry.

Gager shares his dreams with this new building, “

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Shepherd’s Heart is also running a campaign until next Friday. You can buy a chance to win a truck and the money will benefit Shepherd’s Heart’s mission for growth.

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