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Schools in Copperas Cove ISD apply for Purple Star military designation

Copperas Cove ISD
Posted at 5:07 PM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 18:07:23-04

COPPERAS COVE, TX — One Central Texas school district is giving children of military families the much needed attention they deserve.

Schools in Coppers Cove ISD will be applying for the Purple Star military designation later this summer.

Put on by the Texas Education Agency, this honor is designed to support the urgent needs of military students and their families.

Schools that want to apply for the Purple Star must meet certain criteria, sch as having a military liason and student ambassadors.

Officials say they are more than willing to connect with military children and give them the resources needed to succeed.

"It's important because we want to show when people are coming to Fort Hood and their deciding where to live and where to put their kids in school, it's showing "Hey, you know, this is a school district to put your kids. They support your kids,"" said Heather Peacock, DoDEA Grant Project Director. "As educators, we always want to look at our students and say we want to do what's best for them."

The TEA will be accepting applications for the Purple Star from June 10 through August 28. Designations will be announced in October.