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Salvation Army and other shelters offer anyone a warm space if needed

Posted at 7:29 PM, Nov 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-16 20:29:22-05

TEMPLE, Texas — Temperatures are expected to get near freezing early Thursday morning.

Tonight, shelters are opening their doors for people seeking a warm place to stay. The Salvation Army in Temple opened its doors to the warming station today at 3 p.m.

A captain here at the shelter says they want to encourage anyone who needs a warm safe space to use the service instead of trying to brave the elements.

The warming stations are there, especially for those without homes.

“You know I’m 60 some people in that age can’t take the cold," said homeless veteran Vernon Wilson. "It can pretty much kill some people that have heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes.”

Impact Church in Temple will be closed tonight but it also opened its doors this week.

“Some people are reluctant to come in, but when it’s so cold it can be dangerous out there. There is no reason to stay out in the cold when you can come in and get you a warm bed and good meal,” said axillary captain, Dawn Beckham.

The Temple Salvation Army shelter will house those who need the warm shelter until 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. The Salvation army in Waco will open its doors at 5:30 a.m. for those who need it.

The Salvation Army Bell County address - 419 w avenue G, Temple, TX 76504

The Salvation Army Waco address – 4721 w Waco Dr, Waco, TX 76710