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Residents worried Rosebud animal shelter not doing enough to help strays before euthanizing

Posted at 7:27 PM, Dec 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-27 20:27:36-05

ROSEBUD, TX — People in Marlin are outraged by a Rosebud shelter the city uses to take in stray dogs.

Because Marlin does not have it's own animal shelter, the city recently struck up a deal to take stray dogs to a kill shelter in neighboring town of Rosebud.

"From a personal standpoint you have no heart if you allow that to happen" says Marlin resident Sabrina Cox.

Cox says the Rosebud shelter does nothing to try to locate dogs owners, and the dogs have 72 hours before they are put down.

"There's been people that have looked for there dogs for a week and a half for longer and finally found them. I'd be devastated. You know I have three... and they're part of my family." says Cox.

This week, people visited the Rosebud shelter and took these pictures showing dogs living among feces, without food or water.

"I wanna say, how about you get stuck in that kennel, for however long they stay there and see if you like those conditions." says Cox.

Rosebud City manager Keith Whitfield says the city is following ordinance and says someone feeds and cleans up after the dogs at least once a day.

"It's not acceptable, I don't care if it's our dogs, Rosebud's dogs that's not the condition those dogs need to be in." says Cox.

Cox says volunteers from Marlin who not related to the shelter have been doing what they can to help find homes for the dogs that go to the Rosebud Shelter but says now its time for the city finds a new solution for stray dogs.