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Recent storms in Elk wash out part of a local family's road

Posted at 6:43 PM, May 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-22 21:21:23-04

ELK, Texas — Gerald Linton has lived in Elk for the last few decades. He told 25 News that recent storms have started to wash out parts of the road that leads to his home.

He lives on Elk Ridge Lane, which is downhill from a drainage ditch. When that ditch fills up, the water trickles down county-owned Jellies Road onto his family's private road.

They filled the hole when it first started a few months ago, but the more rain Elk gets, the more it continues to wash out.

"We went ahead and fixed it," Linton said.

"At that time it was about three foot wide and about four feet deep. We had a three and tenths of an inch of rain come through here."

He said it now measures at more than five feet wide and residents in the area are worried it will just continue to get worse.

"People living across here are afraid the road is going to collapse," Linton said.

"There's a strong possibility that the road will collapse. We can't have anything to do with it until June when it dries up a bit."

Since it is a private road, it's on the residents to fix. Linton said they are getting quotes of more than $2,000.