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Preliminary STAAR test scores available online

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-20 11:02:05-04

KILLEEN, TX — Parents are now able to review STAAR test scores online. STAAR is the state’s testing program and is based on curriculum standards in core subjects.

Preliminary results can be tough to discern for some parents, who are using the performance rankings as an opportunity.

“I was scared at the STAAR test,” said Juelz Washington, a 6th grade student. He initially failed the STAAR testing, and then began tutoring through Mathnasium in Killeen.

“I wasn’t disappointed because I knew he tried his best. And he only failed it by three points. So he was close. And I know he just needed that little push,” said Doris Washington, Juelz’s mother.

The second time he dramatically improved. But the tutoring had surprising results, aside from the boost in test scores.

“He loves math now,” said Washington.

The family plans to continue to foster Juelz’s new interest in math.

“Summer is a great time because you don’t have the pressures of going to school," said Lavert Rodgers of Mathnasium Killeen. "You don’t have the pressures of homework and some of the extracurriculars that go on. Plus, if you come in, you’re doing a little bit of academics. We call it the summer slide. During the summer, you lose a lot of the things that we go over in the year. Staying engaged is a great way to keep that up."

Parents can also find resources to assist students with learning opportunities at home on the STAAR testing portal.

But some parents say the test doesn't carry much weight.

"With my oldest, I was a little shocked at her results because she’s an A/B honor student. She’s on the National Junior Honor Society, so I was a little shocked at where she fell on the scoring chart," said Brandi Clark, a Copperas Cove mother of four. She says the test caused anxiety and does not necessarily reflect academic talent. She also doesn’t support classwork that instructs students to perform specifically on the STAAR test.

"I think that’s ridiculous. I mean, why overwhelm a child with extra classes on how to take a test?" said Clark.

While opinions on standardized testing are mixed, it is clear that parents simply want their children to have a happy and healthy learning experience.

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