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Police: Three reports of cyberbullying since school began two weeks ago

Posted at 9:25 PM, Sep 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 22:26:00-04

CLIFTON, TX — The Clifton Police Department says it has already received three reports of cyberbullying since the school year began two weeks ago.

Chief Trace Hendricks says over the past few years, the department has seen an increased number of complaints regarding bullying over social media.

He says technology and social media have become an anonymous source in which children can bully and prank each other. Some people even go as far as creating fake accounts to "threaten, torment, harass and embarrass others."

Chief Hendricks is urging parents to speak to their children and warn them of the dangers and repercussions of cyberbullying.

Social media sites have legal departments that are and can be in direct communication with local law enforcement in order to investigate and identify those who commit such crimes. Once an individual is identified, they can be charged and subject to criminal prosecution. Depending on their age, it may create a criminal record that will follow them for a lifetime, the chief said.

Last year, CPD reportedly investigated a number of complains throughout the school year. Since the school year started two weeks ago, the department has already received, and is investigating, three reports of cyberbullying.