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Police: Husband rammed wife's head into bedroom wall on Christmas

Posted at 8:53 AM, Dec 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-26 09:53:38-05

BRYAN, TX — A man was arrested after he allegedly rammed his wife's head into a bedroom wall on Christmas.

Officers with the Bryan Police Department were dispatched to the scene around 10:04 p.m. on December 25. A woman told a police dispatcher her husband, identified as 40-year-old Travis Santell Jones, had ran her head through the bedroom wall.

The woman said Jones was still on scene and was extremely intoxicated.

While officers were enroute to the scene, the woman told dispatch she could not get into another room and separate herself from Jones. The woman also said she had hit Jones in the head with a metal object and he was bleeding.

When officers arrived, Jones answered the door with his wife behind him on the phone with dispatch.

Jones told an officer he was laying on the couch listening to Tejano music while his wife was in their bedroom watching TV. Jones said the woman got mad and he believed it was because she was pregnant.

Jones said he got up to look for his keys and phone so that he could go get more beer from the store so he would save some for New Year's Eve. He got upset but walked to the store to buy the beer and when he got back to the house, he began looking for his phone and keys.

Jones told officers he got upset since he couldn't find his keys and phone so he was banging on the bedroom door to get inside and look for them. He then grabbed a screw driver to get into the door but the woman finally opened the door.

When the officers asked how the hole was put in the wall, Jones said he put his head through the wall and that he was mad.

When an officer, who had been talking with the wife, asked Jones why he was upset, Jones responded that his wife cut him.

Jones also told officers his wife threw something at him from the end table near the couch.

Officers asked how Jones got a small cut above his left eye, and Jones responded that he threw his wife's head against the wall. Officers confirmed and asked Jones if he put his wife's head through the wall and he replied that he put her head through the wall.

Officers then talked with the wife and asked her to show them the hole in the wall. The woman took the officer into the bedroom and showed the indention into the wall, which officers described as an oval shape that matched how a forehead, at an angle, could cause the indentation.

The victim told officers she and her daughter had been laying on the bed watching TV and she locked Jones out of the room due to him drinking all day. She said she then unlocked the door because she knew that he knew how to remove the door handle and unlock it.

The woman told officers she opened the door and stood about 5 to 7 feet back in the room from the door and told him to "go on and get" due to him drinking all day and calling her expletives.

She told Jones that she was not going to argue with him in front of their daughter so she stood back. She told officers Jones called her an expletive, grabbed her by the back of her neck and shoved her head into the wall.

The woman said her upper left forehead collided with the wall. Officers stated in the probable cause statement there was a small lump on her forehead and that there was some head hair left in the cracks of the indentation.

Officers asked if Jones had assaulted her before and she claimed that it was over 10 times and that this was not the most violent. The woman told officers she had not filed a police report because he would take away her phone from her in addition to helping her pay the bills for the house.

Jones was arrested for assault causing bodily injury family violence. He was taken to the Brazos County Jail on a $5,000 bond.