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Parents bring children to protests to educate them about race

Posted at 7:20 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 20:20:39-04

It's been nearly two weeks since protests began across the country and world.

In Central Texas, all of them have been peaceful, and many parents have been bringing their children to be a part of them.

Hope Mustakim says it’s important for her children to bear witness.

"They love going to protests. They have their protests shirts and posters," she said.

Mustakim says she has conversations with her children, ages four and six, about what is happening in order to educate them.

"It's okay to approach these sensitive topics in a way that does not traumatize them, but also gives them a global and holistic perspective about issues they will run into at school or out in the world," said Brittney and Gary Wardlaw, both family therapists.

While some parents may not know how to start the conversation, experts say it's about easing into the topic of race relations.

"Kids begin to make sense of race and their place in life between ages two and four. They are putting pieces together. Parents should be able to say, "Hey here is the history and here is why,"" said Brittney Wardlaw.

She says she hopes more young people will be a part of the change that is happening right now.

"Sometimes we just need to be like children and have the heart to love everyone no matter what," said Mustakim.