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Pamela Anderson offers to adopt dogs from Texas A&M laboratory

Pamela Anderson
Posted at 10:41 PM, Dec 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-05 23:50:10-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Pamela Anderson has offered to adopt golden retrievers from a Texas A&M laboratory, according to a letter to university president Michael K. Young.

Anderson, who is the Honorary PETA Director, sent a letter to President Young asking him to "[end] Texas A&M's muscular dystrophy experiments on precious golden retrievers."

PETA has accused the university of infecting dogs with muscular dystrophy as part of experiments.

In the letter, Anderson offered to adopt the dogs remaining in the laboratory and said she is "ready to welcome them into my family."

Anderson is not the only celebrity who has become involved with PETA's protest against the laboratory. Actor James Cromwell was arrested on October 31 for disorderly conduct during a protest against the laboratory on campus.

Full letter:

Michael K. Young
Texas A&M University

Dear President Young,

Thank you for ending the breeding of dogs with canine muscular dystrophy at Texas A&M University. Even so, I'm still deeply troubled by the thought of the golden retrievers and other dogs still trapped in the muscular dystrophy laboratory. I'm writing to offer to adopt these remaining dogs.

I've been a proud guardian of golden retrievers for many years. My golden retriever Star was my beloved companion for 17 years, from the start of my career in Hollywood. He even sat with me on the Baywatch set. After he passed away, I shared my home with other beautiful golden retrievers: JoJo, King, and now Zeus, who could use some canine friends. I'd like nothing more than to give the dogs still in your laboratory the same love and care that I've given my other dear companions.

Please commit to ending Texas A&M's muscular dystrophy experiments on precious golden retrievers and to releasing the remaining dogs in the laboratory for adoption. I'm ready to welcome them into my family.


Pamela Anderson