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One year later, Limestone County Christmas Miracle holding true

Posted at 8:17 AM, Dec 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-25 09:30:23-05

GROESBECK, TX — It's a Christmas story, you find in limestone county. starting one year ago today.

It's been exactly one year since a limestone county family's Christmas miracle.

A girl with special needs went online to sell a pair of sneakers -- all to raise money for her terminally-ill grandmother's funeral.

The community rallied behind Michala Warnecke bidding up the pair of shoes, all before Christmas day.

"One of my favorite part of Christmas is stockings," Watson said, gesturing to stocks along a fireplace. "You never know what you're going to get in your little stocking."

In that story we met we met, Valerie Watson. a caregiver for children with special needs.

"What are you hoping is going to be in your stocking" I asked Michala as she holds up her Christmas stocking.

"Candy," Michala says to an eruption of laughter. "Delicious candy," she says smiling.

One year ago, on the eve of Christmas day. Michala and her loving grandmother Glady's stole the hearts of central Texans.

"I raised up some money to give her a funeral," Michala said during our interview one year ago.

At the time, Glady's was battling liver cancer, and Michala was selling a pair of sneakers to pay for funeral arrangements.

The community rallied behind them. and with Valerie looking on. holding Michala's hand. Glady's told us her christmas prayer.

"I asked Jesus to let me live long enough to find somebody that would take her under their wing," she said. "And take care and love her as much as i would love her. and Valerie, Jesus sent her to me."

But in August, Gladys passed away.

"And i was there until her death. and i helped with her funeral. made sure she had her favorite dress on. made sure she had her favorite song played."

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Valerie Watson holds back tears discussing Glady's passing in August of this year.

Michala lost a grandmother, a best friend. and Valerie was worried.

"What would happen to Michala?" Valerie asked. "I promised granny that i would take care of her and i wanted that to happen."

Life has been a cauldron of emotions for them both. loss, worry, uncertainty.

"Our relationship has gotten stronger," Valerie said. "She's like my daughter."

But also...hope.

"And we went to court and i filed for guardianship in November," Watson said. "The judge heard our story. it took five minutes and he said you can have her. you can be her guardian."

This Christmas, those tears of sadness, now overcome with tears of joy.

Valerie Watson and Michala Watson look on in laughter discussing what they'll find in Michala's stocking this morning.

With thought of glady's looking down.

Rather than stocking, or tree, we see what's most important.

"Family." Michala said.