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'Not just a month': Local advocates speak on the significance of Black history, importance of remembering it

Posted at 2:35 PM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-10 15:35:28-05

Black History Month is a chance to reflect on the Black community's stories and their contribution to this country.

"It's just so many things that we are so part of the American story, and we want everyone to understand what contributions are being made," said community member Melvin Carter.

"The reality is that here in America, the whole story has not been told," said Cuevas Peacock, Assistant Director of Communications Relations for Common Wealth at Baylor University.

Some say the list of accomplishments and legacies established by previous generations has brought us to where we are today.

"And then you got Pat Miller and Lestor Gibson. We got great people doing great things, and I'm excited about what's going on," said Carter.

For Peacock, a local man and proud member of the Black community, he says Black history is powerful.

"Excellence... excellence in so many different ways whether it's about learning about history or being involved in history being made today by my peers or making sure we are creating a community for our next generation," said Peacock.

Younger generations like 12-year-old Paiton Jones, who aspires to be a doctor. She is fueled by stories she's learned of the perseverance of her ancestors.

"Representation is amazing," said Jones. " It also means that there is a great success line. My parents went to college, and it gave me mindfulness that I can too."

Proving that anyone of any age can play a role in keeping Black history alive in everyday life.

"Not just a month, that we start to embed it within our day-to-day practices because without it, we would not be America," said Peacock.