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No probable cause found in alleged COVID-19 vaccine theft, charges dropped against Harris Co. doctor

Posted at 6:58 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 19:58:42-05

HARRIS COUNTY, TX — According to KTRK, Dr. Hasan Gokal has had all charges dropped, after no probable cause was found in him taking a vial of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Analyzing previous records, said vial contained nine doses within it; the likes of which, Dr. Gokal came across on Dec 29. while working at the county vaccine site, located at Lyndsay Lyons Park in Humble.

One week later, Dr. Gokal told a fellow Harris County Public Health employee of his actions; said employee, then reported Dr. Gokal to supervisors.

According to the Harris County Public Health website, any mishandling of a vaccine can result in a loss of government funding to the county. Dr. Gokal, has since been terminated from his position, following the investigations related into this matter.

From online records uncovered by KRTK, Dr. Gokal remains in good standing with the Texas Medical Board, and has been practicing medicine for 21 years, including nine years in Texas.

In wake of this news, Dr. Gokal's attorney, Paul Doyle, sent KRTK the following statement:
"We appreciate today's outcome and will now transition our efforts toward a wrongful termination suit. As I stated publicly last week, an apology by Harris County Public Health and the Harris County District Attorney's Office towards Dr. Gokal and his family will not be enough. The agency disparaged this good public servant's name and took away his employment without cause. More must be done by those responsible to make this right.

We also sincerely hope this incident doesn't deter other front line medical personnel from doing everything they can to make sure vaccines are not wasted."

According to KRTK, the district attorney's office has told, Paul Doyle, he has the option to take this case to a grand jury. So far, no final decisions have been made.