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Racial justice organizations in Temple continue pushing for change

Posted at 11:51 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-03 00:51:31-05

TEMPLE, TX — From tragedy to calls for change, the death of Michael Dean sparked a movement within Temple for racial equality.

One year after Dean's death, organizations pushing for racial justice say the fight still isn't over.

"Stop killing us. A traffic violation shouldn't end up being a death sentence. The parents, the siblings were lied to. They didn't see the body for days," said Patrick Arryn, the founder of "Change is Here."

Arryn says the new Temple police chief has been doing a great job, but now it's time for city officials who were in office at the time of Dean's death to be held accountable.

"Those who were in office, who participated in this cover-up, we want them to step down and get new leadership in so this no longer happens again," he said.

Arryn helped organize the Justice for Michael Dean rally back in June, bringing out other advocates for racial equality like Terris Goodwin with "Wake Up Temple."

"I feel that the City of Temple moving forward is going to have to continue to show that they're willing to put in the work it takes," said Goodwin.

Through continued conversation with the City, Wake Up Temple has been invited to be a part in forming Temple's Citizens Police Advisory Commission.

"And we have been there in that development to ensure that it is an entity that gives the citizens a layer of transparency," said Goodwin.

Goodwin says she was disappointed by the wording in Dean's affidavit, but hopes through the commission that people can be actively involved and bring change, so cases like Dean's never happen again.

"So that Temple, Texas, can be a place where everybody can thrive, and where we can all get along and where nobody has to be afraid of getting pulled over by a cop," said Arryn.