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Marlin officials continue to ask residents to curb water use as tanks fill

Posted at 1:15 PM, Feb 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-21 14:15:40-05

MARLIN, TX — Water continues slowly returning to people in Marlin today, as the freshly-repaired city water plant pumps 12-hundred gallons per minute into the town.

The reason for the slow return of water lies in the design of the city's water system.

The water plant supplies only one water tower at a time the way an electrical circuit laid out in series works.

Once one tower gets filled, water then flows to the next, until it gets filled, then on to the next, and so on, until water fills all the towers and the entire town gets its water back.

City leaders have asked residents to curb their use of water as much as possible to allow all the tanks to fill and serve individual neighborhoods in the process.

Because of this, dirty dishes continue to pile up, cars remain unwashed, and people put off laundry.

Leaders have no timetable on when the re-filling of the tanks will be complete because it depends on the demands on the water system, which is why they have asked for customers to curtail their use to help the process move faster.