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Marlin ISD wrapping up successful school year despite numerous hurdles

Posted at 8:50 AM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 09:50:49-04

MARLIN, TX — The future is looking bright for Marlin ISD as the district perseveres through a pandemic, an ice storm, even through scares that the district lost its accreditation due to poor test scores.

That's when Marlin ISD hired a new superintendent, Dr. Darryl Henson.

"All of our goals this year were focused on academics making sure that we increase our rates of literacy, from pre-k through 4th grade, and of course mathematics, improving education to make sure all kids can pass algebra 1 by the 9th grade" says Henson.

The district lost it's accreditation last year due to poor test scores.

Some even wondered if Marlin ISD would shut down.

"The school is the lifeblood of the community. So naturally the community and the parents and the students all concerned... But a lot of things were beyond our control." says Rockney Terry, the Marlin High School principal.

This year, Marlin ISD increased tutoring and are providing attendance make up days to help students that may be falling behind.

"The kids have told me specifically that they are just happy. They appreciate the energy the effort from the staff. They feel the difference, they feel the difference and they know they can do it they can achieve." says Dr. Hensen.

Next school year Marlin plans to return entirely in person. As about 95% of students had returned to the classroom by the end of this school year.

"Our students know that they can now, and seeing the report card grades and seeing the data move, and knowing that what we're doing is going to have a greater impact on their lives it makes me smile every single day." says Dr. Henson.