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Mayor: Marlin Water Plant back up, producing water

Posted at 7:55 PM, Feb 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-15 22:03:33-05

MARLIN, TX — UPDATE: Mayor Lofton says the Marlin Water Plant is up and producing water.


Crews in Marlin are working to restore water to residents after issues with the water plant caused many to go without water Monday morning.

"Once we get that compressor connected, it is our hope and prayer that this will work and that it'll be fully restored and have water pumping to the city by this afternoon," said Mayor Carolyn Lofton of Marlin.

For Marlin residents like Rockney Terry, he woke up Monday morning and had no running water.

"On a deal like this, we couldn't function without water, couldn't cook meals or flush the commodes," Terry said.

In a press release, Mayor Lofton announced the water plant was dealing with damages, including a belt in the backup generator blowing out and both compressors becoming inoperable.

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This forced Mayor Lofton to urge all residents to conserve as much water as possible.

"Once that happened we new we were in crisis mode," said Lofton.

The City was able to find a compressor in Waco but as conditions deteriorated, it became too dangerous for TxDOT crews to deliver it Marlin Sunday night.

"We're a population that's very accustomed of going through some tough times, but we always pull together. We're going to make it through this as well," said Terry.

Monday afternoon, Mayor Lofton issued a press release saying the compressor had been installed and is up and running.

In the process, water plant personnel encountered a broken line and a broken ball valve that failed because of the weather conditions. As soon as the repairs are made, they will begin making water.

There are many areas in Marlin that are without power, so if you know someone in need of a warming shelter, the Marlin Men's Civic Association building is welcoming people in.