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Man arrested, accused of pouring hot sauce into 4-year-old boy's mouth for cursing

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Posted at 4:42 PM, Apr 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-25 22:27:46-04

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TX — Police arrested a man who is accused of hitting his 4-year-old son and feeding him hot sauce for cursing.

According to KXAN, 24-year-old Demitro Revillas is accused of hitting and force-feeding his son. Documents said the boy's mother and Revillas were staying with her cousin due to a CPS safety plan.

The mother's cousin told police that Revillas went to the store and when he came back the boy said a curse word.

The cousin told him what happened when he came back from the store.

Revillas then grabbed his son by the hand and started cussing at him.

She told police that he hit the boy in the face with an open hand. He hit the child so hard that the boy fell to the ground.

When the boy did not admit to saying the curse word, Revillas became even angrier.

According to documents, Revillas then walked his son into the kitchen and begun pouring hot sauce into the boy's mouth. The woman said it lasted for about four minutes, and the boy was screaming for his father to stop.

The cousin told police that you could hear the boy chocking on the hot sauce.

The boy still did not admit to cursing, so Revillas took the boy into the bathroom with a belt. The woman said you could hear Revillas hitting the boy.

Police questioned the 4-year-old boy and asked him what happened. He told police he had been hit and that it happened in the bathroom. He also said he was hit in the face with a belt.

An officer saw the redness on the boy's face and also saw small dark red/ purple spots that appeared to be blood vessels in addition to bruising underneath his eye.

Revillas denied that he hit the boy in the face, but did spank him with the belt. He also said he did pour hot sauce in the boy's mouth, but said it was only a few drops.

Revillas was charged with injury to a child with the intent to cause bodily injury.

He was transported to the Williamson County Jail. His bond is set at $40,000.