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Local bakery fights inflation with 'all-natural positivity'

Posted at 12:17 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 13:17:45-04

BRYAN, Texas — Suiting up to make the perfect batch of brownies or a few dozen specialty cookies is a lot like surgery, except your scalpel is a cooker cutter and your stethoscope is a piping bag.

Precision is key, that’s something Devarion Guyton will tell you as he places slices of strawberries in each nook and cranny of a cheesecake brownie.

“For the most part,” Guyton said.

“We don’t give anything away that we wouldn’t approve of.”

If anyone knows what it’s like to be busy, it’s Guyton and his mom, Tenika Williams; combined they have six jobs.

“We make it happen,” Williams said, with a smile.

“Like I said, it’s two or three o'clock in the morning before I go to bed, up at seven o’clock or six o'clock and then I’m working summer school.”

The past few months were busy for Royalty Bakes, the specialty bakery the family owns.

With both high school and college graduations, Williams explained that the orders filled up.

When asked if business starts to slow down, they both smiled and answered with a simple “no, weddings and baby showers will happen forever.”

Williams is a small business owner, on top of many other positions.

“Putin’s price hike is hitting America hard,” President Joe Biden said, addressing the press on inflation.

“Gas prices at the pump, energy and food prices comp for half of the monthly price increases since May.”

Today’s economic landscape is impacting local businesses just as much as it is everyone else.

“At this point, I don't think it's going to get any better right now,” Williams said.

“We just have to do what works and try to figure it out.”

The family explained that they resorted to making everything by hand, supplementing ingredients and raising her prices just to make it work.

“They know when we deliver we are delivering, “ she said.

“We have not had any customers complain.”

Which she said she’s thankful for.

“It all depends on the relationship that you have with your customers and the people that you work with within the community,”