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Arrest made in shooting that triggered Killeen lockdown

Killeen Lockdown
Posted at 9:44 PM, Dec 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-29 01:49:06-05

KILLEEN, TX — The Killeen Police Department said they have arrested a man involved in a shooting on Friday.

Jeffrie Sterling Lane Jr. was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and he is in the Killeen City Jail.

He was located in Austin.

People in the Killeen neighborhood where police searched for Lane said they were staying behind locked doors on Friday.

The victim of the shooting was rushed to the hospital.

Many neighbors, like Nancy Foley, scrambled to learn what they could about the crime drama unfolding on their street.

"The first thing I did was call my cousin, and ask her what was goin' on and stuff, and if i'm gonna be able to come home," she explained.

She learned someone shot a neighbor, sending them to the level one trauma center in Temple, fighting for their life.

"I mean, it was like SWAT around here," said Brandon Davis, who didn't hear the shot from around the corner but heard the police sirens and saw what looked like an army right outside his front door.

"Cops with M-4 lookin' weapons, didn't look like just pistols to me. I mean, they looked like they were, SWAT," he recalled.

He says police evacuated some and warned others to stay inside.

Police locked down the neighborhood for 3 hours. That's three hours with a cop at each end of the street and nobody able to leave their homes while police investigated the crime going on down the way.

Yellow cards marked where police found spent shell casings, indicating at least four shots fired.

Eventually, police started shrinking their crime scene, as they swept the street for more shell casings.

Davis and his wife considered this a safe neighborhood... until today.

"I'm gonna lock that deadbolt, pay attention to the news channels make sure we get up-to-dates and stuff like that, and honestly, probably gonna talk to the landlord about this violence,” he said.

He'll eventually try to put some distance between his family and the violence here, though he suspects it's a no-win game.

Nancy Foley says, you sure won't see her out on these streets for a while.

"I could be walking around on the street, and he could just come out shooting he or she, whoever it was could just come out and start shooting at me." she said.

Because even though these folks may not know the neighbor that got gunned down on this normally quiet street, they don't want to be the next victim fighing for life, and getting hosed off the pavement.

By 6 Friday night, police had re-opened all the streets and the neighborhood began a slow transition back to normal.

The search for the gunman, continued.