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Killeen mayoral candidate resigns from senior advisory board before expected removal by city council

Posted at 7:03 PM, Mar 23, 2022

KILLEEN, Texas — Killeen mayoral candidate Patsy Bracey, resigned from her position as head of the senior advisory board hours before the city council was expected to remove her.

Allegations of abusing seniors and her power on the senior advisory board led the city council to consider her removal.

Patsy Bracey chose to resign instead.

"Essentially, she wanted to put it to rest," said Mellisa Brown, Killeen city council member at large. "She wanted to not have it come out in a council meeting and she wasn’t going to be forcibly removed. She would just rather resign and be able to handle the situation in a different manner."

A subcommittee recommended her removal after looking into the allegations which Bracey says are false and came with no evidence.

"This was never investigated, nobody has the proof that any of that occurred, I haven't been arrested, I haven’t gotten any charges from anybody,” said Bracey.

Some members of the council say they were not aware of the full scope of the allegations but planned to the recommendation.

"The other four council members have no insight into what's going on other than, we entrusted these other two subcommittee members to do this inquiry, find what they could, and make a recommendation,” said Brown.

Bracey is now asking to be reinstated to her position on the advisory board.

"I want the city council since they were unable to find any positive allegations against, to restore my position as Senior Advisory Board Chairman,” said Bracey.

At the very least, she is asking for a full council investigation, and some members of the city council agree.

"I think that it is important that we do the investigation and make sure that any decision we make as a council is informed by everyone,” said Brown.

Bracey stands by her innocence and plans to continue running for mayor.