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Killeen Councilmembers disapprove changes to ordinance requiring BYOB permits

Posted at 9:09 AM, Jun 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-08 19:26:53-04


The Killeen City Council disapproved the BYOB ordinance.

The purpose of the proposed ordinance was to amend the City's existing licenses, permits and business regulations to adopt the BYOB permitting and business regulations.

The intent of the proposed ordinance was to establish a permit program and associated regulations of BYOB business operations.


Bringing your favorite adult bottle or beverage to a club, lounge or business is common in Central Texas.

It can save money for businesses and drinkers, but Cherese Jordan said it’s too dangerous.

“There is nothing to protect them. There is no security, there’s no reliability, there is no responsibility at all. It’s not the venue’s fault, that’s just what’s allowed,” said Jordan.

There are no statewide BYOB or bring your own booze, laws for places if they don’t have a mixed beverage permit. Jordan said the lack of guidelines and regulations is a major reason why her friend Michael Dequan Sanders, was shot and killed at a local BYOB business last month.

“Whether the bullet was meant for him or somebody else it still took place where somebody was able to get inside the venue with the weapon,” said Jordan. “With a permit and bonded security, they would be a pat down and at least you couldn’t get that type of weapon in there.”

Next week, the Killeen City Council will consider an ordinance to require BYOB businesses to get a permit, create a security plan and follow other guidelines.

Timothy Hughes, owner of Kallos Moments a local BYOB, actually it’s a good call.

“Recently we’ve had shootings at different bars, clubs or what have you. That’s something you have to really look at and pay attention too and say how can we make things better,” said Hughes.

He plans on putting his own restrictions in place.

“There will be limitations on how many bottles you can bring. I don’t want people coming in and getting trashed,” said Hughes.

Jordan said she hopes the council approve the guidelines, so no one will have to lose their friends like she did.

“Let’s make a change so it doesn’t and that’s just who I am to my friends and I think Mike would be proud of me,” said Jordan.

The council will vote during their Tuesday meeting.