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Jellystone Park slated for Groesbeck

Posted at 1:49 AM, Feb 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-08 02:59:46-05

GROESBECK, TX — You might say a new kind of Magic Kingdom is coming to Groesbeck, Texas.

Investors have begun building a big, new Jellystone Park just outside of town. Experts say it stands to bring lots of tourists and lots of money to town.

Tina Ary says she struggles sometimes to keep her grandkids entertained, but not much longer.

Folks in Groesbeck just learned they'll get a Jellystone Park. The popular cartoon-themed campground just broke ground outside town, with an eye toward a May or June opening.

"It's exciting. We have got seven grandchildren all together and would be so awesome," Ary said.

Developer Randy Simms says there will be 150 campsites, 9 cabins, 2 Conestoga wagons and Yogi Bear.

Simms expects to entertain more than 1,500 people a year here, who will also spend their money in town.

”They'll be buying gasoline. They'll be buying food. They'll be visiting the restaurants," he said.

Simms expects more restaurants and other businesses to open, catering to the town's new tourists.

Experts say Jellystone Park's arrival comes at just the right time for Groesbeck and Limestone County as they ramp up their tourism efforts.

25 News reported the overwhelming success of a historical bus tour through Limestone County.

Tourism Chief Larry Smith says Jellystone will give him something to build on.

"I'm sure with the reputation that Jellystone has, it will a big boost to the community," said Smith.

Tina's grandson Colt already has something in mind.

"Where the bikes are, I can bring my bike and go there," he said.

Giving Tina Ary a sort of Disneyland option for her grandkids, and new opportunities for her business.

"Anybody comin' to visit or campin' out can come in and see what we've got here in town, " she said.

Simms says his Jellystone will start off as a basic campground, but if it brings in the crowds, he expects bigger and better additions to his park down the road.