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Washington on-the Brazos historic park experiences highest rainfall since 2017

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jan 24, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-24 18:37:29-05

WASHINGTON, Texas — The Brazos Valley just experienced more than all the rainfall it gets in a month within the last few days, bringing flood waters to several counties, like at the Washington on-the-Brazos Historic Park.

Site Manager Jonathan Failor says the Brazos River is helping keep the water levels steady for the park.

“Any time we get large amounts of rain it’s very common for us to see water flowing in this area," Failor said.

"Washington on-the Brazos drains much of the water for the town of Washington, so it all heads to the Brazos River in this direction behind me, but since it’s moving, since it’s flowing, that means it’s headed down to the river and headed downstream.”

Failor told 15 ABC’s Chris Talley that in his 12 years at the park, the last time he saw waters this high was nearly seven years ago.

“We have seen a number of different floods over the last 12 years, with 2017 certainly being the highest, prior to that there were some floods in the 90's that also were pretty high," Failor said.

15 ABC/25 News Meteorologist Caleb Chevalier said as flood stages continue to climb in areas like Washington on-the Brazos, it doesn’t mean records won't be broken overnight.

“Last I checked, some of the flood gauges around Navasota are at what we call a moderate flood stage," Chevalier said.

"It hasn’t reached a major flood stage yet but of course there’s always room for it to get worse overnight with more rain coming.

Right now at Washington-on-the-Brazos, the flood stage is the third highest on record.