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'ON MY MAMA': Hearne/Calvert native 'Chalie Boy' contributes to a Grammy-winning R&B album

Posted at 7:47 PM, Feb 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-09 20:47:47-05

HEARNE, Texas — Hearne is home to Charles Williams, also known to rap music fans around the world as ‘Chalie Boy.’

Williams made a return to his hometown earlier this week, now part of a Grammy-award winning collaboration.

He told 15 ABC’s Chris Talley he always believed one day it could happen to him.

“Oh, that’s a blessing, that’s what every artist—or I believe—every artist to strive for to have your music to become legendary and to be sampled. It shows your stamp on your time being remixed with a new generation,” Williams said.

Williams landed at the Grammys when fellow R&B artist Victoria Monet, sampled his 2009 hit “I Look Good” in her song “On my Mama.”

Monet won three Grammys on that night.

Williams said he’s proud of female artists like Monet rising to the top.

“[Female artists] are thriving, and I’m proud of that. I work with any and everybody so ladies, fellas—let’s get to the business,” Williams said.

 But Williams loves no business more than family business.

“I’m so proud of my son,” said his mother, Mary Robinson-Williams.

Charles’ Mother said she always believed he would do great things, especially when he first started singing in church as a child.

“Everybody should have known at that time that this child, my son, was going to the apex—going to go to the top,” Robinson-Williams said.

Williams’ long-time friend and DJ, Fredrick Henderson, always made sure he helped get his music out to a bigger audience outside of Hearne.

“He wasn’t as big… local-wise everybody knew him, but when I went places to DJ out of town and stuff—he was real big. People would always say 'you from Hearne? You know Chalie boy?' Yeah, I know him,” Henderson said.

Football Coach Henry Thomas also knew him, meeting in 1996 at Calvert High School.

He said after all these years, he still listens for his former player on the radio.

“Every time his song came up, I’d always send it to him, every time I’d be driving down the road and it came on—I’d send it to him,” Thomas said.

For Chalie Boy, he sees a bright future for the younger generation of artists and said never forget where you come from.

“I’ve done so much, and I’m thankful and I’m proud to be from where I am," Williams said.

According to, Texas has some of the most sub-genres of hip-hop music, with artists hailing from cities like Dallas, Houston, and Hearne.

For more information on the 2024 Grammys head over to their website.