Waco educators prepare for upcoming solar eclipse

Central Texas teachers and participants learned all about the solar eclipse in Saturday workshop
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jan 13, 2024

WACO, Texas — A former research astronomer and a Baylor University assistant physics professor held a solar eclipse workshop for teachers and participants alike to learn more on the upcoming event happening in April and how teachers can get their students involved.


"The universe is amazing, and we should the applications of what we are observing into our classrooms," Assistant Physics Professor at Baylor University Barbara Castanheira Endl said.

Now this is a class you'd want to come in on a Saturday for. Educators and participants alike are ready to dive into the upcoming solar eclipse happening right here in Waco.

"So today, we're going to review to solar system and the scales of the planets, and the distances between our planet and the moon, the reason for eclipses to happen. We're also going to be talking about electromagnetic radiation and how can we safely observe to solar eclipse,” the professor said.

Taking a deep look into the science of it all, like the lining of the planets and their distances, how it affects an eclipse.

"I hope that I can get them excited about the eclipse and also understand what's behind it and kind of get a little bit more of an introduction the science behind the eclipse the science behind the astronomy," former research astronomer Judit Reis said.

With teachers getting a refresher on this subject, they're excited to head back to their own classrooms and give the younger generation a unique learning experience.

"I was really excited about the last eclipse and I had my grandson with me that day and he was crazy about it and I thought, 'well, my kids at school will be crazy about it to,' so, I need to get all the information I can," fourth grade teacher Alysia Lynch said.

"I wanted to come so I could get all the information about eclipses, but this is not my first eclipse. Back when I was in high school, I also got to witness a solar eclipse and of course we had our partial eclipse earlier in the year, but I teach science. Science is my thing, I love space,” fifth grade teacher Joretta Haas added.

Sparking a passion for a younger generation about what's happening right in our backyard.

"My students are really excited for this and we're preparing for some ideas and how to study it and how to watch it properly. And so, that's why I came. My students are really into it right now,” fourth-sixth grade teacher Krystal Goodman said.