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More efforts underway to assist, investigate City of Marlin Animal Control Shelter allegations

Posted: 7:29 PM, Jan 19, 2024
Updated: 2024-01-19 20:29:28-05
Michelle Ward accepting a dog food donation to help the furry friends in need in Marlin.


MARLIN, Texas — On Friday and Saturday a dog and pet food drive is going on at Trigger Bear Coffee to help pets in need whether on the streets or not.

People can come by and donate a bag of food and get a free small drink.

Shop owners and pet owners Michelle and Robert Ward were appointed as the liaisons between the community and shelter last week by city leaders.

They told me their intentions have always been to help animals in their community.

They have had a mix of people supporting their cause and others questioning it.

Michelle weighs in to the community.

"We've gotten a lot of support with our efforts we’ve also had some push-back — I think when you’re fighting a system that’s having some issues, if you’re not getting people back lashing against you, you’re not doing something right, so we welcome everyone to come down, see what we’re all about, pitch in. We definitely could use the help.”

Their GoFundMe has also received $655 in donations.

I’m told funds will not be touched right now and will go towards helping the shelter reopen.

Those looking to support their cause can contact them through Trigger Bear Coffee.


Last week we reported on two dog deaths and allegations of neglect at the City of Marlin Animal Shelter.

25 News spoke with Falls County Sheriff Joe Lopez about where the investigation stands today.

During the interview he wanted to make it clear his office is not picking sides and only wants the facts.

"Our basic thing is two questions right now to be answered is how this happened, why this happened."

Sheriff Lopez says he’s leaving no stone un-turned and talking to anyone who might have information.

He believes there was a breakdown of communication with those over the shelter.

“I got with the mayor,and I know the mayor and I know the chief, and I don’t think anything like that is something they would allow," Sheriff Lopez said.

He said not all of the information his office gets is helpful and many times it's just gossip.

He says that's impacting the investigation.

“We have got a lot of good folks in this county and in other counties that want to help out in any kind of way that they can but it also slows down the process because meeting different people from different organizations and each one's saying they heard this, they’ve heard that so we got to check those out, so that slows down the investigation" Sheriff Lopez said.

He says he's been talking with rescues and other organizations to learn more about what a proper shelter should look like.

He wants to remind the public that his office did not have jurisdiction over the city-ran animal shelter.

“I have a little bit more knowledge myself of what’s required because there are some things I’m learning that I didn’t know was required, you know, because I don’t deal with the pound so I don’t know all of the regulations," he said.

Sheriff Lopez says he doesn’t have a timeline for when the investigation will wrap up because he doesn’t want to rush the process and he wants to get as much information as he can.