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CCHS tennis players speak on how school district's proposed bond would affect them

Posted at 5:35 PM, Feb 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-16 18:35:07-05

COPPERAS COVE, Texas — The Copperas Cove Independent School District is asking voters for millions of dollars in a bond when the ballot box in may.

This is money that would go a long way for sports like tennis that are scraping by compared to sports like football.

Most of the students at Copperas Cove High School are just worried about grades and making it to class before the bell rings.

Out on the tennis court, players are worried about more than test scores.

”For starters, our office isn’t level — it’s tilted and what not and there’s not much space in there.” said Will Smith, Senior and tennis player at CCHS.

"Our storage shed is completely disorganized, and we have to clean it out all the time. Having that stuff would help smooth things around, we’d get through packages quicker, we’d actually get to do more.”

Part of the more than $170 million bond is to build new courts and facilities in a different location.

”Not just relocating those facilities but providing them with proper dressing facilities,” said Dr. Joe Burns, Superintendent of CCISD.

"Our baseball dressing room is in the basement of our current high school. That facility, and we’ve done a lot of dirt work and done a lot of drainage and all that but still, in very heavy rains that flood.”

Tennis players are forced to change in the bathrooms next to the courts with someone keeping watch at the door when other locations are unavailable.

The idea of an upgrade has players excited.

”I think it’s pretty nice,” said Christian Hiese tennis player at CCHS.

“We'd get new courts, we could work harder, get better conditions, and overall have the right training,”

Jael Holmes is the number one girl player in the team and even though her family is moving soon, she has a message for voters.

”Think about how this would help all of the teams and the whole school and not just our team because it would change a lot of things for the better,” said Jael Homles, sophomore and tennis player at CCHS.

If voters approve the bond, these tennis players would get more than new courts.

The bare minimum like a locker room would be a massive upgrade from a bathroom with someone guarding the door while they change.