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City of Bryan maintains green spaces around town for 35 years

Posted at 8:36 AM, Apr 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-22 09:36:53-04

BRYAN, Texas — For 35 years, the City of Bryan has been dedicated to preserving trees and green spaces.

Our city continues to make an investment to keep Bryan green by maintaining a tree ordinance to not only cool our streets and city, but to also purify our air.

Jean and Lynn are two friends who like to stroll the local parks in Bryan.

“We come to the park every single day and it is amazing,” park-goers Jean and Lynn said. “It is all well-kept and you feel safe here. Everything is just wonderful.”

“We enjoy walking here and the City of Bryan and Bryan Parks and Rec has done the most phenomenal job of keeping this as a premier park in the city,” Jean and Lynn said.

For the past 35 years, the City of Bryan has followed certain requirements to be part of Tree City USA from the Arbor Day Foundation.

Parks Operations Supervisor Kody Junek said maintaining a tree department throughout the city is one of them.

“We also have to spend two dollars per capita in urban forestry and we also need to maintain a tree ordinance in the City of Bryan which we also have,” Junek said.

In the City of Bryan, trees are donated as well as purchased through local nurseries.

“Every year, they plant trees, so they keep everything green for the people that enjoy, and even the wildlife that are here,” Lynn said.

By planting trees in our neighborhoods, this helps cool our city and streets, reduce air pollution and flooding, and clean the air.

Junek said the city has planted hundreds of trees in the last three to four years, and most recently planted 50 trees this past February at four local parks.

“Trees are great for our environment, great for the Earth, great for the planet, great for the habitat,” said Junek. “They can provide reduced energy costs for home. They can impact economic vitality.”

Trees also serve as a noise buffer to vehicles on streets.

“Planting trees along these roadways and in green belts allow us to reduce the sound by up to 40 percent just by planting trees,” Junek said. “You can also reduce erosion by up to 25 percent by having trees planted in certain areas throughout the community."

The City of Bryan encourages you to come out and volunteer through the Parks and Recreation Department to continue to help provide a great environment for our trees.

You can find the volunteer link here.