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U.S. Army Operational Test Command is at TAMUCT, looking for new hires

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 19:36:07-04

KILLEEN, Texas — Army Operational Test Command is responsible for field testing new gear and equipment soldiers may use in combat.

”Put it in the hands of soldiers and they’re fighting missions that would be operationally correct to what they’re trained to do in the real world,” said Michael Saluto, Innovations Chief for U.S. Army Operational Test Command.

“To assess how well that piece of equipment supports the Army.”

It’s extremely important work that takes place at Fort Cavazos.

What better place to find new recruits than in their backyard at Texas A&M Central Texas?

”It’s an awesome partnership we currently have with Texas A&M,” said Rachel Hoskins, Human Resources Specialist for U.S. Army OTC.

“We’re here quite often working with the university on other opportunities as well — so anytime we get an opportunity to meet with locals, it’s a great way to hire.”

This includes locals like recent graduate and military spouse, Fiorella Lopez.

Her degree is in biology, but still plans to apply for a job with U.S. Army OTC.

”It’s very cool because they say they’re hiring for STEM positions,” Lopez said.

“That’s something about research and analytics — so, I was like, 'That sounds cool', and I wanted more information, and that’s why I came here.”

Working with the Army is an option she says is personal for her.

”My husband is on active duty,” Lopez said.

“I’m very interested in working for the Army to contribute to the country.”

Even though her degree is in biology, the higher level math courses she has completed qualify her for a possible job with OTC.

”Because we do operational testing, we have positions called Operations Research Systems Analysts that require a unique set of math degree requirements to eligible,” Hoskins said.