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Killeen voters file petitions to recall city council members

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 08, 2024

KILLEEN, Texas (KXXV) — Leo Gukeisen filed a petition to recall the sitting District 4 Killeen City Council member, Michael Boyd.

”Myself and some of the people that I have spoke with, even some of the people that have signed the petition, feel that he is not really doing the best for the city,” Gukeisen said.

“It's more of a concern for him, what he wants for his own reasons.”

He is accusing Boyd of several things that include being uncivil towards citizens at council meetings and misusing tax dollars for personal travel expenses.

Councilman Boyd gave a statement to 25 News that reads:

"I fully and firmly disagree with the accusations made as they are purely defamatory and a misrepresentation of intent, words and actions.”

Gukeisen says his concern is for the voters.

”They have the right to say who sits up there,” Gukeisen said.

“It's not up to me alone, it’s not up to them alone. It's up the almost 66,000 registered voters in Killeen.”

— voters he plans to keep reaching out to.

”Knocking on doors and talking to people to see if they’re willing to sign the petition for the recall,” Gukeisen said.

The petition needs 202 signatures by July 25, to move forward with a recall election — roughly half of the District 4 voters that participated in the last election.

In his statement, Councilman Boyd said,

”I have faithfully and diligently executed my duties on behalf of the citizens of District 4 and the City of Killeen. Unfortunately, some strategically misuse the democratic process to create disruption and dysfunction; determined to sustain a negative view toward our great city and its leadership. The same effort could be used in working together to find solutions to community issues. My focus remains on making decisions to move our City forward, addressing constituents’ concerns, improving West Killeen and serving as a strong advocate for Killeen District 4. I trust voters are able to interpret the motivation behind the unsubstantiated petition.”

There is also a petition to recall Mayor Pro Tem and District 1 councilwoman, Jessica Gonzalez.

25 News spoke with the woman who filed that petition but she declined an interview.

In a statement to 25 News councilwoman Gonzalez said:

"I grew up here in the City of Killeen, and there is but one motive for me and that is to continue to engage our community partners to ensure that the vision, mission and comprehensive plan for our City is realized. A strategic focus is imperative to our overall success. I am committed to my constituents and the City of Killeen and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that I am providing clear and concise communication, promoting our Cities mission and vision in an effort to increase our opportunities from economic development to improving our overall quality of life.”

That petition needs 246 signatures to move forward.