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Killeen couple claims unfair mistreatment at Texas Neuro Rehab Center

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Posted at 6:41 PM, Apr 12, 2024

KILLEEN, Texas — “I’m going to do whatever I've got to do to take care of my husband, because my husband always took care of me,“ said Marvette Fuller Haney, Carl Haney’s wife.

Carl was going about his life as usual — going to bed and eating dinner. But the next day his wife found him unresponsive — ending up in the hospital after having a stroke.

"When I got there, they told me he had a massive stroke and he was in a coma and they needed to do an emergency surgery on him to save his life,” Haney said.

The surgery saved his life, but the stroke left him paralyzed and nonverbal. He was then sent to Texas Neuro Rehab Center in Austin for treatment.

“The physical therapy, the occupational therapy, and the speech was excellent, but the patient care was horrific,” Haney said.

Pictures provided by his wife gives a snapshot of how she says her husband was treated at the facility, including a heating pad burn on his hand, urine placed near his food and a lack of cleanliness for him and his room.

“I complained many of times," Haney said.

"I complained, I talked to the director of nursing, I talked to the head nurse."

That began a list of correspondence between Carl's wife and the facility.

“The whole time I was there, I had one meeting, and I requested that meeting," Haney said.

"From my understanding I was supposed to meet with them on a weekly basis."

From there, Carl's wife says the pain, and the problems , continued to mount.

She says on one occasion, she arrived at the facility to check on him, only to find him outside in 18 degree weather.

25 News spoke with a former nurse at the facility who helped care for Carl.

The nurse, who asked to remain anonymous, backed up most of the Marvette's claims and says the staff should have monitored more closely.

25 News reached out to the facility with specific questions about the Haney's claims and overall patient treatment at the center.

We received a general statement that reads:

"Patient care and safety are our top priorities. Any complaint or allegation reported to a member of our staff is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and promptly."

But for Carl's wife, those words aren't enough.

“They just sent my husband home and never looked back,” Haney said.

The Haney’s are needing a power chair to provide more mobility for Carl — click here for their GoFundMe.