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Killeen citizens concerned ahead of Mayor Debbie Nash-King’s State of City address

Posted at 4:01 PM, Feb 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-16 14:23:28-05

KILLEEN, Texas — Mayor Debbie Nash-King is answering some questions that her citizens are concerned about in her State of the Cityspeech on Wednesday afternoon.

Some topics included redevelopment, crime rates, and how tax dollars are being spent, and some citizens spoke to 25 News before this event say they wanted to make sure she addresses the trash, homeless problems, and sex trafficking.

“The question is, if a person is trying to abduct somebody or trying to steal one of our children and protection is needed to protect the children will the citizens be held liable for doing so,“ said Barbera Moschilli, retired veteran.

"I see people throw it out — we don't need trash in the city at all and I see people litter like it is nothing", said a local lawn care owner.
Mayor Nash-King assures that crime has gone down over the last two years with the help of the patrol team. The mayor and her team also point out that Killeen has been recognized in various ways like being named one of the top cities to live in Texas.

“We can kind of break that stereotype of its a crime-ridden city no one wants to live there, we have more than 160,000 citizens that are larger than Waco we are still the largest city in Central Texas, “ said Janell Ford, Executive Director of Communications.

The mayor is facing re-election in May, as she looks to be voted into her third term in office.