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Highview Apartment tenant's electric bills are skyrocketing, and nobody is telling them why

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 06, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-06 19:32:52-04

KILLEEN, Texas — Highview Apartments is owned by the Killeen Housing Alliance and managed by a company named TideWater.

The people living in the apartments are using housing vouchers and most have a small, fixed income.

Now, their electric bills are through the roof.

”Well some people have a bill of over $300 and Maria’s was $400,” said Erma Taylor, Highview Apartments tenant.

“Her’s was $400 and these are one-bedroom apartments.”

According to the average bill for a one-bedroom apartment is $73.

25 News met with dozens of tenants who tell me they have tried to get answers on why their electric bills have skyrocketed but they aren’t getting nowhere.

”It’s basically like a circular firing squad,” said Francis Landrieu Highview Apartments tenant.

“You know, everybody points a finger at somebody else, so you can’t get a straight answer on anything.”

ONCOR says the property is private and they are not responsible for reading the meters.

Killeen Housing Alliance said they passed that responsibility to TideWater, so 25 News went to their office on the property.

The door was locked, so 25 News called the number in the window.

This is how that call went:

Highview Answering Service: ”Highview Place Answering Service, how can I help you?”

“Hi my name is Adam Schindler, I'm a reporter with channel 25. How are you doing today?”

Highview Answering Service: ”This is the answering service, they’re not in the office right now.”

“Do you know when they will be?"

Highview Answering Service: ”You can check back in an hour.”

I did and after repeated attempts over multiple days, 25 News has not been able to get a response from representatives managing Highview for Tide Water.

”We need some answers, this is what we need,” Taylor said.