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'An all-time high': Texas A&M Central Texas sees an increase in enrollment numbers

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Posted at 11:24 AM, Feb 09, 2024

KILLEEN, Texas — Enrollment for Texas A&M Central Texas is at an all-time high. From undergrad to graduate, students are proud to be Central Texas Warriors.

Enrollment numbers have increased nearly 6% since the spring of 2023. The current number of students is now over 2,200, increasing enrolled credit hours by 12%.

“They make the process so much easier. They take a lot of the weight off of you,” said Falon Mullenax.

Being a transfer-based school allows students to transfer from anywhere with over 30 hours. Many scholars pride themselves in being able to be more involved on campus making learning a lot easier.

“We have resources here so why let them go to waste? Let's utilize them. Let's max them out, and let's get more. The more people we have on campus using those resources the more we will get and the more we will advance,” said student body president, Elisa Davis.
Affordability is at the top of the list when applying for any university. The campus provides their students with a VA office, FAFSA, and a scholarship portal allowing students to fill out a survey about themselves and find scholarships to fit. There’s even a scholarship for being left-handed.

“I got a scholarship just for being from a lower-income family. They gave me like $1,500. They split the prices for each semester. I got $1,000 for the first set and then $500 for the second. I think that is awesome. They gave me a scholarship just for struggling,” said student, Daniela Pauly.