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I-35 helps to grow businesses and Central Texas

Posted at 7:17 PM, Jun 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-29 20:17:24-04

Businesses up and down the I-35 are thriving and for many of them, it’s simply because I-35 is there.

Central Texas and it’s businesses have grown ever since I-35 showed up, allowing for a much faster and better flow of commerce.

”Most of the commerce was conducted on 2-lane roads prior to the interstate highway system, so it took a whole lot longer,”said Dr. Martin Hanby, assistant professor of finance at Texas A&M University Central Texas.

Now the interstate has allowed for more lanes without stoplights meaning, higher speeds and faster commutes.

Something that is now vital to many businesses.

”Logistics centers are located in both Temple and Waco because you have the access of interstate 35 so that played and important role in creating business in both cities,” said Drayton McLane Jr., chairman of McLane Group.

Many businesses decided to relocate to towns that run along I–35 a long time ago, allowing them to thrive and grow as I–35 continued to grow.

”We move our grocery distribution company in 1966 to Temple for several reasons but, one of the primary was to be located on Interstate 35," said McLane.

With businesses growing so did the number of jobs and now that I-35 is there, living far from your job is a viable option.

”People would not be able to do that if we didn’t have his highway system," said Dr. Hanby. "It would take them twice as long to commute."

Over the years, businesses have seen the towns grow right alongside them.

”I think it played an important role for all the cities that were fortunate enough to be on 35,” said McLane.

The big takeaway is that if it weren’t for I-35, Central Texas wouldn’t be what it is today.