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Hundreds of dollars of food stolen from Bosque County food pantry

Helping Hands steak theft
Posted at 10:03 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-27 00:14:24-04

MERIDIAN, Texas — North Bosque Helping Hands Food Pantry claims someone stole hundreds of dollars worth of food over the weekend.

The pantry took to social media on Tuesday to explain that 32 Nolan Ryan steaks, three pounds of Swiss cheese and fifteen pounds of bacon disappeared from the non-profit. Police are now looking for the person responsible.

The pantry received a rare shipment of steaks last Thursday from its Tarrant County distributor. By Saturday, a food pantry vice president found most of them had vanished from the freezer.

"I have a whole chest full of chicken here, and they didn't bother that. Nor did they take all of the steaks. Which is a little odd," said Helping Hands co-vice president Dennis Green.

The pantry said the estimated cost of all of the stolen food is roughly $530.

Meridian police are investigating it as a burglary but told 25 News that there were no signs of breaking and entering when they arrived at the pantry on Saturday.

"At this point, we're assuming it was open or someone may have a key to open up the facility," Meridian police chief Blake Johnson said.

Green said the pantry believes whoever took the food did not take it to eat, but rather to sell, especially given recent increases in food prices.

"I don't think it's the pantry that got robbed. I think its our clients that got robbed," Green said.

The department is asking people to keep an eye out for anyone selling Nolan Ryan ribeye steaks. If you have information related to the disappearance, you can reach the police department at 254-435-2255.